Monday, February 21, 2011

Guanabana = soursop

Cure for cancer? Who knows...but research has shown that soursop (as it is called in Trinidad), or guanabana (as it is called in Colombia) has many medicinal benefits. These benefits include treatment of liver diseases, skin disorders, and diarrhea. Some researchers even claim that the flesh of soursop can kill malignant cells. 

In Colombia, you are offered every kind of fresh fruit juice known to man (or at least to Colombian man). Having every climate on earth and soil that is fertile enough to make a pencil grow roots, Colombia has many many different varieties of fruits. Among them are fat, beautiful, and fleshy guanabanas. At any given restaurant, you can choose from among dozens of fruit juices, made with milk or water. Guanabana is among my favorite. 

I was thrilled to find a guanabana, or soursop, at my local fruit market the other day and decided to make a smoothie with it. It was super labor intensive because the shiny, black seeds are enveloped in a sac of white flesh, and it takes time to squeeze the seeds out. Also, the flesh is quite stringy so you have to sift it once it goes through the blender.
It was worth it. A smooth, tangy-sweet and refreshing drink. Give it a try.


  1. did not know it had medicinal qualities. do they also have anon in T&T?

  2. yes, they do. can't remember what it's called, but they have it. similar climate, similar frutis.