Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cocktail party

I'm off to Paris in two weeks. WAAAHOOOOO. Apologies, I'll try to contain my excitement and keep a professional, controlled attitude toward this surreally fantabulous event that's about to occur.

Eager to share my happiness with friends, I decided to have a cocktail party chez nous. It was awesome - like playing house and dress-up. 

The table:
The food:
Bruschetta with pesto, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil from my garden on ciabatta
Deviled eggs with stone ground mustard, mayo, and paprika
Crab meat cocktail on endive boats
Store-bought goodies - hummus, black olive tapenade, stuffed grape vine leaves - who says you have to make everything yourself?

The drinks:

An overall success. The best part, however, was spending time with wonderful friends we've made here in Trinidad. Will miss you all.


  1. Eres hija de tu madre.
    Enjoy our trip!!!

  2. Wonderful party! Everyone is waiting for the Welcome back fiesta so you can show off your talents!