Saturday, February 26, 2011

Doubles: The ultimate Trinidadian street food

I don't know how I've gone this long writing about Trinidadian food without telling you about doubles. They are by far the most popular comfort street food and are yet another example of how Indian cuisine has evolved into Trinidadian cuisine on this Caribbean island.
Doubles consist of two fried flat breads and filled with channa (chick peas) and other sauces, such as chutneys or pepper sauce. If you only want a little hot sauce, you ask for "slight pepa" = "a little pepper". People crave doubles in the morning, which is when you're more likely to see vendors on the streets.
The taste is not uncommonly delicious, and it is not the best food ever made. It does, however, taste like, well, like Trinidad. It offers a few bites of T&T pride. The vendor I bought my doubles from this morning proudly served me my food, asked me where I was from and if I had come for Carnival (which is next Monday and Tuesday). Speaking of Carnival, I can't believe I haven't told you more about it, and it's coming up so soon! This week, I promise to get you in a Carnivalesque mood and write to the rhythm of the soca beat.

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